No Risk Centrism

I will give Paul Ryan three points  and Bill Clinton one. The points are hardly exclusive to these worthies. In fact they might get more than a majority assent.

I. We need to address the debt.

2. We need to free market capitalism to work at full power.

3. We need to eliminate every last loophole in our sclerotic tax code.

4. We need to get OFF the anti-government kick. A robust government is necessary. A robust private sector is necessary. Growth cannot happen without both. A creative tension is good. What we have today is the pinnacle of immaturity.

And if we were to choose a person who pretty much subscribes to the four principles above, my candidate would be Barack Obama.

The part of government that is too big is the combined heads of the individuals who fail to embrace the four points above. We need to elect a Congress that will  implement the above.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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