The Risky GOP's Failed Attack Politics

First you called him a celebrity (instead of a smart politician)
Then you tried the Palin Hannity smear strategy (helping him win)
Then you stoked the wrath of the American people who 
Revolted in 2010 and filled Congress with more shameful behavior yet
Then you proceeded to lose contests in what once were GOP strongholds
And now you consider a candidate who has purchased a nomination direct and outright
And he proposes a campaign that mixes outright waffle-lies
With vicious attack ads
And you think the GOP after GWB can win the confidence of the American people
Sorry not this time
You are the party of risk
And the risk is real
We need a steady hand
Tough values
And a commitment to justice and fairness
None of these things are offered by the risky GOP
Call Obama anything you like
All it does is say what a risky bet you have become.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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