Romney is surrounded by neo-cons who counsel war

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Romney is surrounded by neo-cons
Bolton and McCain no doubt approve
Their aim is to continue the devastatingly bad
Practice of deploying undrafted troops
To fight losing ground wars
At a time when ground wars have become obsolete
By now I must assume the that not only our
Beleaguered troops but the bulk of the electorate
Is stressed at the thought that an iffy person 
With no foreign policy
Under his belt
Would continue the same old obsolete method
Advocated by McCain and Bolton and Bush
Romney is now embraced by Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers
Because he will be their willing tool
We need more oil wars they will say 
And when Romney looks around him to 
Find someone who will tell him the truth
He will look in vain
Romney is risk
Romney and risk are one.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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