Romney is tied to Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers

Mitt Romney is tied to Rove and the Koch Brothers 
in addition to Bork and Bolton
Does Mitt Romney want to be tied to Karl Rove
the man who virtually made George W. Bush
and who is therefore an accessory after the fact of
the most disastrous administration in American history
Does Romney want to be associated with the Kochs
One glance at the Koch products demonstrates
why they are the most Right Wing folk of all
All of their products resonate with the very worst
aspects of an economy that places profit above people
They depend on the sprawl economy for their billions
The answer of course is that Mr. Romney is glad to be
associated with all the people named here
Which would be fine if you were not a member of
the 99 percent who do not benefit when Rove
and the Kochs achieve their objectives
Because of these clear and transparent associations
And behind him lurks 
even worse risk for us all

The solution is the re-election of the President
and the installation of sane Democratic majorities
in all offices everywhere

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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