Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Four

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Four

A cyber-community must contain
most elements we associate with urban life

The cyber age reclaims the country
and re-casts the city
so its positive aspects are available to all
The crime aspects of the city
are minimized by 
two realities

Cyber-communities are diverse by design
Therefore their inhabitants are there by choice
not necessity
That enables a more neighborly sense
in their concentration and walkability
are vastly easier to police than
either city or sprawl areas
It would be understood for example
that public space is secure 
by consent of all
and that private space is private

All the aspects of a city are
scaled to a population of up to 10,000
Small theaters - 24/7 multi purpose venues
Commercial outlets - mainly kiosks connected to
global enterprises enabling pin-point
access to all products everywhere
Smaller and more nimble educational spaces
again shared and 24/7
Deployment of employed persons
to work in every one of the scaled down
facilities in the cyber-community
Living working recreating educating
all in the same space

Why must this be
Because concentration is inherently urban
Because residence in a cyber-community
enables privacy
Because life is short enough without
a car-sprawl component
And most of all
because we will be walking 
in the future to everything we need
to reach
for reasons that are obvious when you see this film

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