Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Three

 A cyber-community must be dense enough
to enable growth of a viable local economy

Why is this so

In the United States we suffer from 
too much dispersion in rural areas
No local economy can thrive there

In our metro areas
a combination of zoning
and concentration
inhibits the growth of natural

A reasonable density for a viable local 
is between 5,000 and 10,000
Such populations can support
local versions of
and recreational

These can be staffed by local people

A viable local economy will need in the future
to generate its own energy
When a community is dense enough 
and is free of most or all automobile traffic
it can develop new ways of
energy generation
even including energy generated by
human activity
and human interaction with
such things as
and pendulums
developed for fitness
and play purposes

In the future people will choose diversity
characteristic of cities
in preference to monochromatic
stratified sprawl existence

Communities as envisioned here 
can exist in close proximity

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