Cyber-community 101 - Lesson One

Cyber-community 101 - Lesson One
Lesson Two
I coined this term to imply a synthesis
between Alexander's Pattern Language 
and the Now
The NOW is a world that in the micro realm
is utterly transformed and increasingly
subject to the culture of the cyber
In other words communities that 
were fixed are now irrelevant
and everything is suddenly global
The problem is that the micro
needs to be expressed 
in the macro realm
That is where my idea 
of cyber-community comes in
We do not need commuting anymore
We do not need the current structure of schools
We do not need to zone everything
to require use of the car
We do not need as many rooms as we build
We do not need separated structures
We can achieve diversity by
changing the wallpaper on a smart wall
in other words home improvement
would and should be obsolete
End of lesson one.
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