Women could mass against the GOP and wear a yellow ribbon

The Campaign Against Women - NYTimes.com: "New laws in some states could mean a death sentence for a pregnant woman who suffers a life-threatening condition. But the attack goes well beyond abortion, into birth control, access to health care, equal pay and domestic violence."

We shall overcome
I see a million women singing this together
We shall overcome
the vitriol and slime that emerges from whatever reaches
of stunted consciousness that now animates the GOP

We shall overcome the attempt to slam a door
on rights won over centuries of suffering progress
We shall overcome the unholy effort to 
cross lines of established privacy until
the incursion is not merely prospect but reality
The GOP effort must be rejected 
in every voting booth from Anchorage
to Key West
From Honolulu to Presque Isle
I see 40 million women at the polls
casting their ballots to eviscerate
the governments of  GOP attackers
I see a symbol or a sign that speaks
this intent
As clearly as a Yellow Ribbon

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