If You Think Unions Are Declining Wait for the Rest of Society

The decline of union power is merely part of a move 
that will soon engulf our entire society 
The entire fabric of education is due 
for what can only be seen as a sea change
one that will shake universities to the root 
and most likely send them the way of newspapers

 Imagine the computer as a Model T
 We are about ten years past the introduction of the model T
We are moving toward the end of the automobile era now
Its first herald other than a few seers in the 1960s
 was the emergence of the Web 

By the year 2000 the Web was showing 
every sign of growing into the next iteration of our working society.

The current gadget stage will eventually lead to changes 
that transform houses and schools 
and the current structure 
and salary scale of commuter businesses.

Everything now is in the process 
of adjusting to the obsolescence 
of the world that oil-sprawl-growth has created
 It is a world no longer affordable
It is a world in dire need of replacement..

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