The short form is an alluring phrase that has, as yet, no real meaning

The short form is an alluring phrase that has, as yet, no real meaning except what one regards as short. Some say 2000 words, others three and there is, of course, Twitter's 140 characters limit.

Still, the Web is driving a move toward short form writing. Here is a selection of approaches to the short form that struck me as well-presented. At this point, such writing can be whatever you say.

Why Short Form Copy is Where the Money's at: "What are some well-paying, short-form copywriting projects you may wish to look into? Here are a few suggestions:"

Well worth a look if you have an interest in such writing.

Short Forms of Poetry - There are some easy-to-write short forms. Some of those follow....: "

Many will know of haiku but there are other options. Including what you make up yourself.

Writing Tall Tales in Short Form: "Flash fiction stories, also known as Immediate Fiction, can be difficult to write. Knowing a little bit about topics of persuasive writing can help you get your point across in succinct style."

A good introduction to what it is with examples.

Mastering Short Forms of Writing: "A trend toward shorter forms of writing benefits writers, publishers, website designers, and audiences. The short form exists in almost every genre, from drama to fiction, from poetry to prose. Shorter forms of writing are not only easily squeezed in among longer features, but they cater to the increasingly short attention span of information and entertainment consumers."

This gets to the point. Are we evolving in the direction of absorbing the information we need in forms that require massive abbreviation from what we're used to?

The final entry is from the Twitter meister himself. There is more on the page. It's worth a look.

140 Characters: "The amazing thing about this particular protocol is that it's being defined daily. By you. Twitter was inspired by the concepts of immediacy, transparency, and approachability, and created by the guiding principles of simplicity, constraint, and craftsmanship."

Constraint is the take away word here. Enough said.

Short Form Writing From Twitter to poems to stories to copy writing, this survey shows that the short form is not yet written in stone.

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