Mr. Rattner (it would seem) is not in Mr. Romney's capacious pockets

Creating Jobs Wasn’t Romney’s Job - NYTimes.com: "On Monday, Mr. Obama struck the right balance, emphasizing that he wasn’t attacking private equity but was questioning Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital credentials to be the job creator in chief.

That’s fair, particularly because Mr. Romney himself has been foolishly reweaving history to claim, as recently as last week, that he helped create 100,000 jobs during his time at Bain.

In fact, Bain Capital — like other private equity firms — was founded and managed for profit: ideally, huge amounts of gain earned legally and legitimately. Any job creation was a welcome but secondary byproduct."

The underlying story is ironically
That Obama holds the key to the future
It is he who links recovery to creating new occupations
And moving beyond oil
While whatever Mitt is for
Means rolling backwards
Down the Sysiphean hill

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