A quatrain from November 2010 Tacky Southern Strategy Never Dies

Trump and Palin in Their Bed of Bile

Finally Sarah Palin Has Found a Compatible Male with Whom to Share the Intimacies of Common Bile. 

The Bile is Called Look at Moi! and is Available Only on TV

Trump and Palin in their bed of bile
Move over honey you got style
We could go far Todd won't mind
Let's leave anything we do unsigned

Sarah Palin Birther | Palin on Trump | Obama's Birth Certificate | Mediaite
: "Sarah Palin was interviewed live today on Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine, and was asked to weigh in on the rather sudden addition of Donald Trump's voice to the "Birther movement", as well as the money "The Donald" is devoting to researching the existence of the president's birth certificate. Palin's answer? She noted it wasn't that unthinkable for Trump to be curious about Obama's birth certificate, as it was an issue that has transfixed a sizable segment of the body politic."

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