The choice couldn't be clearer on the issues most important to ordinary Americans:

Every word in this post is from an email from David Axelrod  summarizing the Obama agenda 

- Better Education: We need to invest in good teachers and help more students go to college and get job training -- not pack kids into classrooms and slash scholarships.

- More, Cleaner Energy: We need to invest in promising new sources of energy to create a market for innovation and good jobs of the future -- not go back to relying on foreign oil.

- Leading Through Innovation: We need to invest in our best scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs so they innovate here -- not cede new ideas to countries like China and India.

- Job-Creating Infrastructure: We need roads, bridges, ports, and broadband technology that attract businesses that will create jobs here -- not more pet projects and bridges to nowhere.

- Fair, Simple Tax Reform: We need to reward businesses that create jobs here instead of rewarding outsourcing, and must ask the wealthiest to pay their fair share again -- not sacrifice investments critical to the middle class.

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