Five-point Hammer-the-GOP Plan to Soften Things Up This Summer

UPDATED June 20, 2012

Having established the fact that Romney
doesn't get it
President Obama can now pivot to present and future

The public already blames Bush for deficit and recession  
The public knows a fair tax system is necessary 
The public knows Romney is an empty suit

Cut to the Present and Future

Hammer the Congress 
for stalling things the American people want and need

Hammer the GOP 
for current behavior people don't appreciate

Hammer Romney 
for positions people don't like
distortions that reveal odd character traits
for outright lies

Hammer Koch and Company
for trying to buy the election
and to suppress the vote

Hammer Jobs Hypoctisy
Boehner for inaction
McConnell for nihilism
Tea Party GOP Congress


Propose the Grand Bargain
Make fair taxation central


The past can be inferred
The present can be shown
The need can be deduced

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