Density and Spatial Aspects of New Human Settlements

New human settlements beyond exclusive reliance on the automobile 
and beyond suburban captivity 
Ocean liners and malls and stadiums 
have these things in common for the most part
They have no cars within them
They can hold a large number of people
They are intensely social 
but where they do have living space 
they are quite private
They have generally around four levels 
they are generally privately owned and run 

Why would not future human settlements 
take a leaf from these realities 
and combine commerce living education 
culture and recreation including sports 

The fact is that if amenities are easily available 
one has less need for a house with ten rooms 
with masses of paraphernalia 

It takes little effort to see that the sprawl culture we have 
is fine for a Koch capitalism 
that depends on growth and is largely inimical 
both to economical living 
and the community one can gain 
by a a greater integration of population and amenities

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