What would force @speakerboehner to stop obstructing governance

REWRITTEN 7/6 after Boehner refused to do more than grudgingly pass a portion of the Obama jobs program, and then with unacceptable conditions

1. The President going to Capitol Hill and staying there until Boehner acts
2. John Lewis using direct action to replicate a Selma in the halls of Congress
3. All of Twitter tweeting  @speakerboehner Pass  full Obama jobs program
4. The mass media placing blame where it belongs 
5. Speaker Boehner having a Damascus Road experience
6. A market plunge attributable to the stasis of the Speaker and Congress
7. Pressure from Mitt Romney

You can guage the horrendous stasis that exists 
by concluding that not one of the seven notions above 
has the slightest possibility of coming to fruition
Our society is so deeply mired in the spell
that was cast when I overcame we
and morality and ethics took a back seat to profit
(thickening a wall of corruption that is still present) 
that the notion of the unprecedented
eludes us
We have lost our capacity to believe 
anything can be done
This is known as crucifixion
In such situations there remain people who do believe 
and who act together
and whose victories inspire others to act
Be sure that if we move forward at all
it will be because people here and there lit the torches
of tolerance democracy and helpfulness
and practiced non-idolatry
These values are the engines of revolution

Those who have seen crucifixion many times
know we are victors already
and that we can act foolishly
even face scorn
with confidence
because we do not value
our preservation 
over the triumph of these values

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