I humbly thank John Boehner / For all the good he does

Re-introduced July 7, 2012

 I hope all who enjoy these will join me in beseeching @speakerboehner to pass Obama jobs acts still pending before the house. The examples of rhetoric below were previously published on Yahoo Voices which deemed my writing and graphics at odds with standards set forth in their Terms of Service. 


I humbly thank John Boehner 
For all the good he does 
When he's out on the grassy links 
I feel a happy buzz


Ship drifting languid 
Filled with wealthy passengers 
Toward the waterfall


Beware the gavel of the ghoul 
Lest it become your guillotine 
You have been played for a rank fool 
Run swiftly from this ghastly scene


Like Cyclops Speaker Boehner comes 
And fixes you with his one eye 
Inside the giant laughs aloud 
Outside he seems to cry 

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