The Seven Giants of Creeping Totalitarianism

I see today's world as a series of events that have or might occur
that signal hope or doom
Here are seven of the doom events or signs
There have been many more

1. The Supreme Court installation of George W. Bush
2. The decision to treat 9/11 as a patriotic oil ground war and use of lies to justify Iraq
3. The hallowing of torture
4. The McConnell Anti-Obama Ploy rejecting compromise and poisoning politics
5. Citizens United
6. The emergence of the Tea Party and the 2012 GOP Primaries 
7. The Walker recall fails

Each of the above countered only by 
the hope placed in the ultimate disposition of the American people 
and their will to vote for President Obama
and in the ability of President Obama and Democrats
to confront these giants and help fashion a counter-movement 
that moves beyond oil toward a post-consumer society
based on community rather than selfishness

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