Cyber-community 101 - Lesson Four Turbines are the future

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Cyber-communities are imagined settlements of the future
These nested lessons spell out the elements

Cyber-communities are dense enough 
to enable viable economies
Cyber-communities are walkable and sustainable
Cyber-communities possess all elements of city living
Cyber-communities integrate residence work 
recreation health and education

Turbines seem to me the most likely candidates for 
generating the energy needed to make these communities 
independent and sustainable
Turbines can be powered with both solar and wind 
Turbines can be so pervasive and attractive 
they make wind farms look like what they are
a bad and ugly investment

We need to build proper cyber-communities from scratch

Imagine a giant Stonehenge-like matrix whose vertical stones
each house 40 turbines
Energy is distributed to all who live and work in the community
Surplus is saved or shared 

Most thought about this is hampered by our worship of oil and car
These retro things dictate current sad sprawl design
Cyber-communities are an evolution to sustainability 
with teeth
and an eye to global leadership
in the thought department 

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