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Kevin's Place: "Doing just a sampling the build out would take the next decade to build out if all gasoline and transportation fuels were exchanged for hydrogen.  A workforce just for the turbines and electrolyzers would be 7,500,000 workers and to handle replacement parts and maintenance as well the workforce over that same time period would add an additional 1,500,000 workers.

"To also replace the nuclear, natural gas, coal fired energy generation would add an additional 2,750,000 workers over the next decade of build out.  Many more jobs with grid build out and new connections would benefit as well.

"These estimations are also adding additional workforce for the establishment of localized energy storage of ammonia systems to support baseline and overage during peak power periods to avoid blackouts and brownouts.

"To also include all the workforce to convert the cars, trucks and other transportation over to hydrogen would involve additional millions of workers.  In the end the USA would be totally energy independent with power generated locally and monies from that generation and workforce spent within the US., greatly expanding our economy and preserving our way of life and for that of our children and our children's children."

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I have this image of turbines as a universal means of generating all the clean energy the world needs.  I am not a scientist but I know about scientific method and anything that would work deserves a chance to be proved out. Maybe some future First Lady will wrote a book called It Takes a Turbine.

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