Barack Obama is a hoops guy. Barack Obama knows how to score points.

I'm grading his performance on suggestions I made in October 2010:

1. Introduce the idea of Sherlock Holmes in talking about the War on Terror. Get people ready for a coming move from reliance of military might. (A Three Pointer.) B+

2. Beat up on criminal bankers and their kith and kin. It is our money they are taking on the train to New Canaan, Greenwich and Stamford. (Slam dunk.) C-

3. Get specific about regulatory controls. Talk about leverage ratios. Say what's been done and what's needed. No general statements about Wall Street Reform. People don't believe it's happened yet. (Several lay ups needed.) B-

4. Propose contests. For example, a contest to design or create from existing areas 21st century neighborhoods of 5-10,000 persons. Reduced vehicular traffic, safety and security, connect everything with pedestrian ways, include many "squares" and plazas and small parks. Talk about safe places for kids to play. (Lay up.) D

5. Tax on all market transactions and scrub mandatory insurance purchases no one likes. (Three pointer.) F

6. Train up a class of driving professionals who can do minor emergency repairs and have basic paramedical skills. A new profession. Millions of jobs. (Lay up.) D+

7. Insert David Plouffe into the White House. Talk to him daily. Heed him. (Consistent scoring) A-

8. Get Bill Clinton to fund a careful study of the relationship between philanthropic endeavors and social progress. D

9. Institute simple global security measures such as a required super-secure credit card for all air travel. No cash ticket buys. A free pass for passengers who pose no threat. (Three pointer if done right.) D

10. Oil will go back to $100 a barrel. Again, a line of green initiatives that make sense in language people can understand. (No scores but needed.) B

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