The Underlying Conflict of 2012

'Golden age of gas' threatens renewable energy, IEA warns - environmentalresearchweb: "A "golden age of gas" spurred by a tripling of shale gas from fracking and other sources of unconventional gas by 2035 will stop renewable energy in its tracks if governments don't take action, the International Energy Agency has warned.

Gas is now relatively abundant in some regions, thanks to the massive expansion of hydraulic fracturing – fracking – for shale gas, and in some areas the price of the fuel has fallen. The result is a threat to renewable energy, which is by comparison more expensive, in part because the greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels are still not taken into account in the price of energy."

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This is what Romney and the Kochs are willing to spend and die for, make no mistake about it.

Progressives need to come out full square on the push-back side. Beyond green. Beyond pattern language. Toward a sustainable and reasonable future.

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