Occupy Congress - Occupy is everyone who comes and cares

When I went to Zucotti Park I was Occupy when I was there
and when I came home
Occupy is everyone who comes and cares
and everyone who cares and does not come
When I say Occupy Congress I am evoking a sign 
of caring people who insist on our rights
The Occupy Congress sign has an object
Boehner recalcitrant blunt refusing
The third in this triad is we the people insisting
with such force that the recalcitrance ends

Let everyone who cares go to the Capitol
Wear white
Wear something that says truce
The war can be over
Besmirch this and know that we will return again 
and again 
until we overcome

When I sit down here and type these words I am
one with all who Occupy everywhere
there can be no Occupy without people
on the scene

It is time to Occupy Congress
All those who can should go
Make this our Tahrir

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