Occupy Congress An Open Letter @TheRevAl Al Sharpton

Dear Al
I am urging everyone who reads this
to ask you please to help lead
an effort that I want to be as huge
as the March on Washington
Whose leaders are each person who
wants Congress to do its work
and bring the Obama jobs bills to a vote
Will you mention this on your show
Will you propose this as your idea because it
belongs to you and everyone who holds it
Will you be a catalyst
It is crystal clear that we the the people
need to prove ourselves
able to transcend the gridlock in DC
So from an old Civil Rights vet to the one
who stands up for Trayvon
for Marissa
for justice and a fair shake everywhere
please add this to your busy schedule
Get everyone to the Capitol
to Occupy Congress until the Obama jobs bills
are given a chance to be voted on

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