Occupy Congress Why this is the exact right time for nonviolence to work

Nonviolence Occupy Congress works when a clearly illegal status quo is morally reprehensible
Nonviolence Occupy Congress works when the aggrieved act as themselves and not as the led
Nonviolence Occupy Congress triggers media attention to injustice
Nonviolence Occupy Congress is a teaching moment
Nonviolence Occupy Congress is willing to suffer for values that are universal and good
Nonviolence Occupy Congress understands the world is not merely I but we
Nonviolence Occupy Congress believes in filling the glass more than half full
Nonviolence Occupy Congress works because it defeats evasive procedures

The billionaire + Supreme Court onslaught on us is too powerful to be met by reason alone
Nonviolence is a blend of reason and emotion whose reward is in grasping justice
This is the right time the optimal time for effective nonviolent action

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