Ten takes on the police

Police are being made to meet 
stop-and-frisk quotas http://buff.ly/KP0wNh
Police are being motivated to do 
racial profiling http://buff.ly/KP0CEB
Police feel they have a license to 
practice brutality http://buff.ly/MBwl5N
Police are victims of 
bad leadership  http://buff.ly/KP1dGn
Police are victims of 
inadequate training PDF> http://buff.ly/MBxNVG
Police are subjected to and add to 
a culture of racism http://buff.ly/MByjmD
Police are poised to be enforcers 
in a totalitarian society http://buff.ly/KP2mxx
Police serve the interests of control 
not of the people http://buff.ly/MBAeHP
Police represent a strain of authoritarianism
inimical to democracy  http://buff.ly/KP3i4T

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