Snapshot of Jesus: Geza Vermes

Geza Vermes accurately links Jesus with outcasts. 
Geza Vermes sees that Jesus befriended prostitutes and the poor. 
Geza Vermes also believes that Jesus expected 
the imminent coming of the realm or kingdom of Abba 
(his Father, our father).

Where I think I may differ from Geza Vermes 
is in his assumption about an inbreaking kingdom. 
I would argue that that realm is here within each person on the planet, 
waiting to be activated by the gospel Jesus is said to have proclaimed in Mark 1.
That gospel was simple and direct and doable. 
1. Repentance 
2. Belief in the presence and availability of Abba.

I would infer, as well, practice of a way of life 
involving daily use of the Lord's Prayer. 
And active promotion of values redolent of Jesus 
to counteract the value system of much of the world.
These may be inferred to be
tolerance democracy helpfulness
and non-idolatry

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An earlier version of this was published at Yahoo Voices 
and has been removed.

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