Building in America Runs Well Behind Making and Marketing Gadgets

Our building practices are primitive
Corruption haunts Contractor World
Business thrives on needless renovation and repair

Build for severe weather
Safe secure complexes 
not detached homes
Mass produced modular elements 
built as cars have been
Detroit could morph into  
making the smart surfaces of spaces

Forget individual plumbing 
Forget individual disposal 
septic tanks basement sump pumps 

Instead of housing as we know it
make an infinitely duplicable matrix
make modular ecosystem elements 
to circulate recycle and dispose 

To avoid severe weather 
design  no more than four levels 
for the most likely forms of severe weather in an area
Shoreline communities should have elevation 
Stadium-like structures to withstand hurricane winds

We need communities that are 21st century 
with built in protections and shared eco-sustainability
Anything less will not work. 

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