The Versatile Mind - Charles Sanders Peirce

Peirce's Arisbe: The Rationale of the Website "Born 1839 and died 1914, Peirce's adult life spanned the period from the American Civil War to the beginning of the First World War, but he is of special and growing interest at present, both internationally and to people in many fields and disciplines, not because of his historical influence -- still largely unappreciated by most historians of the period -- but rather because of his remarkable and unparalleled anticipation of the emerging themes of the 21st Century: 

Thought as virtual 

Meaning as experimental and interpretational 

Mind as a multi-dimensional communicational process 

Sciences as collaborative communicational communities 

Truth and knowledge as social and distributed 

Formal reasoning as graphical inference 

Humanities and sciences conceived unitarily 

Education as inquiry and exploration 


To these from Arisbe I would add 

Theology as way rather than creed

Christianity alert to the dominant hypocrisies and oriented to the best interest of the other

And coworker with his (unknown) co-worker Nietzsche to create the basis in thought for transcendence within the immanent frame.

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