Becky Garrison's email interview with Shannon T.L. Kearns on Trans Issues

By Becky Garrison

TheReligiousLeft.org: On Being a Good Transgender Ally: "What are some practical suggestions for those who want to make religious spaces and communities more trans inclusive?

One of the biggest things I tell churches and other religious groups is to figure out your bathroom situation. It sounds so simple, but it is the source of great anxiety for a lot of trans* folks. Do you have a gender neutral restroom available? If not, can you make your restrooms gender neutral? It says a lot about your community if you have safe bathrooms available and visible for folks.

Other suggestions: If someone tells you their name, use it. Make it a habit to allow people to tell you what pronouns they prefer and then respect those pronouns. If your church has a welcome statement that is printed in the bulletin make sure it includes both gender identity and gender expression. If you have an LGBT group, make sure that people actually know something about trans* folks and that the programming includes issues that are important to trans*folks."

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