Forgive the wrongs that we have done is my parsing of Forgive us our trespasses

Forgive the wrongs that we have done is my parsing of 
Forgive us our trespasses or Forgive us our debts 
These archaic sentences 
do not have the contemporary meaning of 
wrongs we've done 
Many never think daily confession of wrongs 
has much to do with anything 
But on Abba's way such a confession 
is the foundation of an overcoming existence 

Because we are powerful people 
We occupy space 
We violate others 
We get exuberant and it ends up in wrongdoing
We know the drill 
Once we do wrong it either gets forgiven 
or it mounts up until all the power we have 
begins to shrivel and our potential starts to tank 

Note that when we say this 
we are not talking about me but we 
We make a corporate confession 
We are confessing social as well as individual wrong 
The Lord's prayer is a we prayer 

Be aware that we are asking Abba for forgiveness 
Abba us within us 
We are asking to be realigned 
with the best within ourselves 
and with the values that make for minimizing wrong - 
tolerance helpfulness democracy and non-idolatry 

We are powerful because we are intended to be good 
That is what makes us human 

You are reading one sentence 
of the most powerful words 
a human being can utter.

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