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President will create a smaller military footprint over time

President will create 
A smaller military footprint over time 
And we will be the stronger for it
Barack Obama President phased out 
The F-22 that wasn't even used in recent years

Barack Obama Commander in Chief 
Cut Reagan's missile defense extravaganza 
And saved a billion plus

Barack Obama Commander stopped planning missile systems 
in Poland and the Czech Republic 
and opted to build smaller better systems

The President knows a large foot 
gets mired in deathly stasis 
He makes smaller feet than can 
move lithely

He knows that the battlefield of the future is 
and prepares

The President has made 
and will make more and more progress 
In the area of nuclear disarmament

No weakness is perceived in any of 
these acts

We will move to a smaller and 
more mobile foot 
We will not try to force nations to 
accept our ideology 
We will defend only

We will economize enough 
to enable needed expenses at home 
because national security is threatened by 
the polarization of our society 
by irresponsible 
bearers of untruth

So I shall support the President 
and warn against 
those who would march in lockstep 
to restore the very mentality 
that created the massive footprints 
of Iraq and Afghanistan 
War is what 
we can no longer do 

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