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Obama Has Been the Most Open President Within Memory

The Media Has Been Lavish in Noting the Few Times when the President Has Been Less Transparent, but the Bulk of His Actions Have Been More Transparent Than Those of His Predecessors

Federal News Radio 1500 AM: Obama memo calls for openness and transparency: 

"Q: What are the details of the Obama administration's transparency and openness initiative? 
A: There are a number of parts to this. One important part is that they are asking everybody for ideas about openness. The White House has launched a new Web site, and from there, you can offer your ideas about what information and data should be made available, but also how that information should be made available. The administration also has unveiled another Web site,, where existing data is being made available to the public."


If you think the President has gone back on his word, spend some time at the site that he set up almost on day one. I bet few journalists even know it exists.

Open Government Initiative | The White House: 
"Social Security Administration CIO Frank Baitman announces the winners of the SSA video contest that was launched in late July. 
Additionally, more than 600 people have responded with stories of how disability and survivors benefits made a big difference when tragedy struck."

And here is the second site mentioned in the early dispatch that starts this post. " is leading the way in democratizing public sector data and driving innovation. The data is being surfaced from many locations making the Government data stores available to researchers to perform their own analysis. Developers are finding good uses for the datasets, providing interesting and useful applications that allow for new views and public analysis. This is a work in progress, but this movement is spreading to cities, states, and other countries. After just one year a community is born around open government data."

President Obama reminds me of the designers and architects who built Radio City in my home town of New York. The care they took exceeded the normal standards and the buildings speak for themselves in the lesser environment around them. The President has not touted his achievements. But they will be a monument to his intent long after the wing nuts have tired of telling us that Obama has failed on transparency.

Barack Obama President: More Openness and Transparency Than He Gets Credit For. And the proof will be found by following the leads provided in this post. The President walks the walk.

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