Mitt Romney's Asinine Entry into The Foreign Policy Arena

The Candidates Talk Foreign Policy - NYTimes.com: "The presidential candidates took a break this week from talking about the economy, the most important issue in the election, and turned to foreign policy. This was a chance for Mitt Romney to show that he could be a better international leader than President Obama, who has already proved himself in that field. He fell far short."

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When Andy Rosenthal skewers Mitt Romney, give it an A. Because Andy is nothing if not measured, in the NYT style. In the sentence above, you have the general truth about the contrast between the candidates. Obama has proved himself. Romney has bombed.

But there is more.

Adelson’s Latest Foray Courts Jews for the G.O.P. http://buff.ly/LNkGBI

Money is massing. The illegal fellow from Las Vegas, whose fortune is made in casinos in the Far East,
wants to buy the election for Mitt so that Mitt can enact his Armageddon fantasy. This would make Afghanistan and Iraq look like openers at some hellish arena Concert of Doom.

By election day the extremism and simplicitude of the GOP will have the smell and feel of a a rancid milkshake in the Nevada sun exploding.

Sane heads will run to the polls to elect a sane, proven Commander in Chief.

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