The Ten State Meme Making Obama Supporters Feel Better

Election Forecasts - FiveThirtyEight Blog - NYTimes.com: "But Mr. Obama led by a mean of 3.5 points in the RealClearPolitics averages for the 10 states (Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin) that are most likely to determine the election outcome, according to our “tipping point index.” If the list is expanded to cover the five other marginally competitive states where RealClearPolitics calculates a polling average — Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and North Carolina — Mr. Obama’s lead averages 3.1 points, according to the numbers."

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OK we all want Obama to win. And we get bent out of shape when Nate's Obama over Romney line wiggles downward. So when we come upon a paragraph like this we wipe our brow in relief.

Not so fast. Despite their mental deficiencies, GOP operative's can read and when all is said and done a vote in a key district in one of these states will be worth more than a VW bug used to cost.

What is the moral?

I say it is the Big Picture. While the race may indeed be won or lost by micro-focus on key districts, we need to frame things sufficiently aptly to ensure that the entire nation knows what the choice is and what it means. That is what my efforts will be about. I will agonize daily, but I will go for the big picture.

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