Our Shabby Plutocracy Class Matters

Class has many meanings
I do not mean class as defined 
by metrics like income or race 
I mean it more as Pirsig means quality
So when I say plutocrats have no class
and Obama does
I think as follows

Class is intellectual openness
Class is appreciation of quality
Class is the distance that says I do not
suffer fools gladly

There are some things one might associate
with class in America
like Harvard
But Harvard has produced its share
of snobs bullies and ideologues

Class is fragile
It can be lost
It cannot be willed
It cannot be attained
If I think of my friends
and acquaintances
who have class
they range from
a friend out West who raced
drag strips and lives hand to mouth
and a stroke victim in Nashville
who is gracious in suspension
to President Obama
I have not met him
but his class is revealed 
in the face of
plutocrats who
would kill to have his class
but lack it
as they continue on their criminal way

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