To watch the rich in action, check out our privatizing prison system


"At a time when the U.S. has achieved the highest rate of imprisonment in the world, at a cost of $55 billion a year, and with statistics that tell us:

1-in-4 Black men are in prison, on parole or probation, 10% stripped of their right to vote;

Unprecedented numbers of children are locked up, many sentenced into their adult lives;

Native Americans have the highest percentage of their population in prison;

Latinos and women are the fastest growing populations in the prison system;

New prisons are being forced upon rural communities to revive their "economies";

70% of prisoners are locked up for crimes that did not involve violence;

Immigrants are now subject to separate laws, many disappeared and detained indefinitely;

All giving the U.S. the highest incarceration rate in the entire world...

The U.S. public is witnessing an unfolding crisis of MASS IMPRISONMENT, more and more visible to us each day."

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Prisons, Privatization, And Public Values: "For-profit private prisons, jails or detention centers have no place in a democratic society. Profiteering from the incarceration of human beings compromises public safety and corrupts justice. In the spirit of democracy and accountability, we call for an end to all for-profit incarceration(www.stopprivateprisons.org).

Grassroots Leadership has organized religious, labor, student, and community groups to fight private prisons through media advocacy, education, lobbying of government officials at all levels, and pressuring corporations involved in the private prison industry. For example, Sodexho Marriott, the largest single investor in CCA, divested its holdings in the prison firm in response to pressure on college campuses to cancel food service contracts. (www.grassrootsleadership.org)"

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