Three Signs For the Future Community Proximity Non-Idolatry

Community is relationship that is more than merely social 
Community possesses a measure of assumed empathy
The horrendous architecture of the sprawl present is inimical to community
The sheer decibel level of today's living substitutes shouting for intimacy
Without community there is little redemptive feedback
With community there is neighborliness awareness and helpfulness

Proximity is closeness which is neither sardine-like nor snail-like
Our ill-designed sprawl world lacks proximity and increases atomization
Proximity is essential to a viable local economy
The ideal is to have everything necessary within a mile walk
The need to go by private car is the venal trick played on everyone
 Proximity is a better standard for the future than more sprawl

The worship of idols and graven images is one root of evil
Evil is willed action that is harmful and can lead to injury and death
Idolatry is giving first place to anything but the values that make for life
The values that make for life include helpfulness
Helpfulness is the willingness to share one's knowledge to enable another to thrive
The values that make for life include tolerance
Tolerance is the strength and flexibility to withstand incursions
with equanimity and good grace
Democracy evokes a world where persons rule themselves and
respect and honor the rights of all
Non-idolatry is the foundation value that manifests the freedom to
say no to anything but 
tolerance democracy and helpfulness

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