Clashing Narratives AKA the Sanitation of Mitt Romney

The tide in the affairs of people exists
Like all tides there exists a counter-tide
Out of the clash of tides comes what we might call results

We are seeing the tide of journalistic myopia
meet the tide of aggressive truth-telling regarding Mitt Romney
we are seeing a clash of two narratives
The current GOP narrative is that everything that points to the truth
about Mitt Romney
is a fabrication of a Chicago hit mob 
so set on maintaining power it would
actually say nasty things about our Teflon candidate
to hide its own sins
underneath nothing has changed but the passage of time
unless you want to acknowledge that things are actually improving

The myopic media is now acting as though Mitt Romney
is no longer a pathological liar
no longer the man who helped usher in a capitalism 
that builds nothing
and turns money into compensation for destruction
And so forth and so on
Romney no longer equals risk
He has become Legit

Remember W and the effort to warn people about him
Bush became Legit and Dan Rather was crucified
And we passively accepted that because 
our own inner mythology mechanism 
is nothing if not compensatory


This year regarding Romney the next few weeks will
tell the tale
If we do not want to end up with the same
queasy feeling whenever W did anything 
we will do our best to warn with truth

That is exactly what I started this campaign with
when Romney was rolling to  primary victories on a sea
of destruction money
Romney is a risk beyond Bush's imagination
The GOP has become the foreign power
they tell us Obama represents
The best way to understand the GOP
is to assume that they are doing whatever they are screaming about 

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