Recent Tweets "On Twitter good messaging can rise to the top" 8/20/2012 7:43 AM ET

Messaging is up to all of us. And on Twitter good messaging can rise to the top and anyone can write the winning one.

When Big Oil criminals run free and Bradley Manning is humiliated behind bars, values are sadly askew. 

When media acts as if it's ok to hide taxes and spew lie after lie, we have to make OUR combined voices the story. 

 People don't want a worse Supreme Court than the one we have now.

Birther stuff is lies. Romney's cop impersonation is documented truth.

Birther type nonsense is being trotted out as a defense for Romney hiding his taxes. Based on this logic, Seamus disqualifies Mitt.

OK, how do we win? Get our vote out and make the GOP stay home. Rely on GOP to provide the ammunition. 

Watch the Death Panel lie surface as Romney forces scrape the bottom of the barrel to argue a case they cannot win.

People who want to turn rape victimhood into a crime are not conservatives - they are idiotic sadist demagogues.

RT The 1/20/09 GOP conspiracy is still in force | ShortFormContent at Blogger 

RT : I hope the European media have enough spine to press the tax issue with Romney and call him out on distortions.

GOP is NOT winning on Medicare. Medicare is winning and maintaining it is winning.

Romney and Ryan destroy. Reform is their lie not their program.

Biden was right. The GOP is turning into a whiny effort that we will expose as an effort to ... put us all in chains.

Ryan and Romney are setting themselves up for a monster fall. When we start addressing folk 55 and under.

As Dems receive less big oil money the more we should support them. Big oil is as big an enemy as Soviet Communism was.

Dems need to realize the public is looking for signs that it is able to fight back. 

Dem response in the media should be We must be doing something right. GOP always attack what hurts them. Crying Mitt.…

I hope Biden will not be suppressed out of fear. No reversion to defeatism of the 2000 2004 variety.

Biden is telling the truth and the media is allowing the GOP to define Dems as attackers. Big Lie is soaking the media…

District by District Impact of Republican Medicare Plan and Medicaid Cuts | Committee on Energy and Commerce Democrats

Romney is running to reduce his taxes by 12 percent. That would be one percent. Cage him. Hide him away.

"Republican attacks on President Obama’s plans for Medicare are growing more heated and inaccurate by the day. "
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