Dubious Mitt Birther-in-Chief Recent Tweets 8/24/12 12:27 PM ET

Mitt Romney Tax Strategy May Have Employed Legally Dubious Maneuvers, Tax Experts Say 

Wayne Powell Calls on Eric Cantor to Explain Association with Embroiled Senate Candidate Todd Akin

Shooting at 33d and Fifth Manhattan near where I live. Just got word.

We change the "natural order" by practicing tolerance, helpfulness, democracy & non-idolatry. The key to progress.

"Say we will not allow the sallow idiots who have the money to spoil our election" 

Make election day a community celebration Plan now for the party of your life 

"Marshall every sane artist and creator to immediately start doing original work to dramatize every flaw of the GOP "

"Pledge now that we will out-raise the GOP in September with SMALL donations just to show we have moxie and fight"

"The lower third of the U.S. population by income increasingly cannot afford to drive at all." 

Men will never stop waging war on women. The only recourse is redoubled effort to halt all forms of it.

RT : Romney wants cuts in non-defense starting with five percent and hitting almost 60 percent within a decade.

Economic recovery lies past sprawl, racism & climate change denial. Everything else is stutter-stepping.

RT : Romney's "proposed budget would...mean cuts in veterans’ health care and veterans’ disability comp...

 If I were you I would step aside. No taxes. No questions you don't like. No truthful plans. No ...

It is possible to theorize that Paul Ryan's warped health talk has caused the Dow to fall 115 points in a single day.

When lies don't work, GOP trots out new lies. Gear up now. It's gonna get worse.

Thank you Nina Turner. Most articulate voice I have heard in a long while.

No extended hours in Ohio is a direct attack on African American voters who have typically voted early. Ohio is retrograde racist.

D'Souza Birther Lie movie is being heavily promoted and must like swiftboating be reduced to the absurdity it is.

The attack on Obama Swiftboating cannot just state the truth. We need to destroy the perpetrators of these lies. We failed in 2004.

Urgent. Swiftboating of Obama on Bin Laden, etc. is hyper-insidious. We need heavy surrogate action now to reduce it to absurdity.

We should give a prize to the person who can estimate the number of factual lies in Romney's Convention speech. 100 might be low.

Romney is trying to expand the amnesia state. Good thing he is incompetent.

To elaborate, the RNC has less faith in winning the Presidency than determination to win the Senate. Ergo, if Akin has a chance ....

Romney wants to ravage the country and nearby waters to serve Big Oil and delay a move toward a viable future.

Even on FOX Romney prior to saying nothing looks like a man facing a firing squad.

No Romney numbers are to be trusted. Whether outright lies or simple carelessness, his record is miserable.

Rights we will have one day: Free passage and residence globally, freedom from the treatment meted out to Assange, Manning, etc. .

"There is a war on women underway That's tearing at the nation's very soul" 

A war in which few women have a say And mindless GOP males crave control | ShortFormContent at Blogger 

Women and girls can defend against ongoing GOP attack by voting Democratic at every level. The one message the GOP will understand.

Losing followers by the bucketful - environmental bluntness has its downside.

When Mitt and Ryan pander on regulations they serve their masters - Koch Singer Adelson and others for whom freedom means plunder.

The new Bill Clinton Video Straight From The Shoulder Spread It Around 
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