Polonius addresses the confused and apprehensive Democrats

Polonius was famous for pithy sayings like the one above
authored in the heat of the 2012 campaign by your Polonius clone
That would be me blatent and unashamed
Here are things we should do now to ensure against a
wretched nausea attack in October when it is too late to stop the
demons of the GOP - Big Lies, Rampant PAC Ads, Voter Suppression on Steroids
Pledge now that we will out-raise the GOP in September 
with SMALL donations just to show we have moxie and fight
and could care less about the obscene posturing of Big Money
Marshall every sane artist and creator to immediately
start doing original work to dramatize every flaw
of the GOP 
Their voter suppression
Their war on women
Their hatred of immigrants
Their aversion to the middle class
Videos street theater demonstrations
Twitter Facebook

Instead of marching to Pretoria
March perambulate or progress on foot
to the Polls
Make election day a community celebration
Plan now for the party of your life
Say we will not allow the sallow idiots who have the money 
to spoil our election
Say we will do with our commitment and our feet what the GOP cannot
do with its cynical  effort to manipulate us
with  fear and lies

Now there are many other things we could do now to allay pain then
and it's OK to let a cliche come to rest on our troubled pate
just as a pat on the back that says Courage Sister Courage Brother
We will win this one

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