Fewer to no cars. Free energy sources. Brain power to create human energy generation.

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "6. Long time horizons and far away places: Victims of climate change are viewed as far away in space or time. “The consequence of this spatial and temporal distance is that victims of climate change are likely to be seen, at best, as relatively less similar to oneself than are nearby contemporaries, and at worst, as out-group members.” Climate victims are seen as Other, and you know how we tend to treat the Other."

Most of us operate on two levels
what we say or tell ourselves
and what we do
To the extent that we are able to integrate these
we create in what we do
a change
Doing things that make for a decent response to
climate change is Herculean
I cannot wave a wand and switch to 
the way of living I see and know in my mind
I hardly know where to begin
I do know that I knew the problem and the 
solution before there was any talk of climate change
So did many people intuitively
All one has to do is know the tawdry progress
of oil crimes to know where the locus of evil in things rests
We are in the middle of a campaign now that is being driven by 
oil criminality in the form of the Kochs
We are all complicit
My answer remains what it always has been
Fewer to no cars
Free energy sources
Brain power to create human energy generation
integrated with our living
Everything within a walk
Values of democracy tolerance
helpfulness and non idolatry
Seems simple enough

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