There is no moral hostility to climate change

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "5. Moral tribalism: Messaging about climate has tended to focus on liberal values (harms and unfairness) and disregard conservative values (loyalty, respect for authority, and purity/sanctity). As a result, many conservatives “have been left not just uninvolved in action on climate change, but morally hostile to it.”"

The text above betrays the two thousand year captivity to error
The error is to see characteristics as values
Values are things you do willfully
Tolerance democracy helpfulness are all active values that are universal
When they are not willed history moves along but is less pleasant than it might be
Fairness is subsumed under democracy
Harms under helpfulness and democracy
Loyalty under non-idolatry 
Respect for authority under non-idolatry
Moral hostility to climate change is like saying
one takes umbrage because the sun is shining
There is no moral hostility to climate change
There is only awareness that it is happening 
and in the case of most people ignoring it

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