Pleasure is a gulp of pure fresh air and a glass of cool clean water

Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist: "4. Uncertainty breeds wishful thinking: It’s not clear exactly how climate change will play out, and “uncertainty about future outcomes generally increases self-oriented behaviour and … promotes optimistic biases.” When scientists communicate the probabilistic nature of climate impacts (for instance, through analogies like “loading the climate dice”), “recent research shows that individuals often misinterpret the intended messages … and tend to do so over-optimistically.”"

Here we meet a fork in the road
Nietzsche knew that most people cared only for comfort
And the old pleasure pain is still a good measure of what will work
and what will not
But by the same token perceived pleasure
may lead to an overabundance of pain
I think that there are ontological values 
that have been here all along
Tolerance helpfulness democracy non-idolatry
These all contain the spectrum nature of reality
We would not tolerate unless we had to
The same for help and governing ourselves 
Non-idolatry is the key because it affirms scientific method
and continuity and openness and freedom
We might thus say that there is nothing wrong with
pleasure pain and that we should always produce the most pleasure
It's just a matter of what actually does that
Nothing wrong with pleasure pain 
as long as we are aware of what actually brings pleasure
For me pleasure is a gulp of pure fresh air
and a glass of cool clean water

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