Gloves off people we are in the fight of our lives

Funny I am nonviolent and if someone slugged me I would not fight back
But GLOVES OFF! is running through my mind
Gloves off people we are in the fight of our lives
I am a nonviolent fighter
But I do not go the route of the Berrigans and company
I am too much of a realist 
and the difference may lie in my belief in the power of words
and of people responding to words
Nonviolent bodies are needed and I will join such actions
So far words are not doing much to create such action
But action will come
We need to draw some lines in the sand

Transparency - Assange and Bradley Manning are under OUR protection
We are all Equadorians

We will defend and reelect the President
The alternative is unthinkable

We will identify and name the enemy
Oil Cheney Oil Koch Oil The hold of oil on the world
We will beat it
Reality will beat it
History will beat it

We are merely midwives of the 
word that will get out this century
There is more but you get the idea
If I thought I was alone I would probably jump
Knowing I am not I walk faithfully each day
on the treadmill of slow but sure progress

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