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Ryan and Palin have this in common. Neither was or is ready to become President of the United States. Of course neither is Romney.

Most media refuse to say or correct when they know Romney and surrogates are lying. Journalism in decay.

"Ryan’s surely a guy who would answer the phone at 3am – provided it's his stockbroker calling." /

Ohio outclassed PA on suppression. Hope President Obama wins them both by good margins.

Romney's audiences look either bored or asleep with occasional tepid applause.

From Marcos - Now Romney is even canceling campaign events in Florida due to "exhaustion." /email

Paul Ryan's intellect is overrated and his reputation is built on a lie. He is W on steroids.

Pennsylvania has suspended democracy and entered the realm of absolute evil where ontological values are consciously denied.

Folk who supported Obama need to understand the truth - that he understood what he was getting into and that it would take decades to do.

To visualize a Romney win Imagine the result if the recession had started a year earlier with W still running the show.

If R and R Win - Threats to bar abortion, destroy Medicare, and outlaw contraception will become real. How about war, depression, unrest?

I love it. Tea Party militarists using former ops guys to slam Obama for Bin Laden leaks. Call it Swift-Idiocy. Bottom of their barrel.

Adelson Tryst - "Members of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. chanted and waved signs reading “Paul Ryan: Hustling for the 1 percent.”"

2012 narrative starts with 1/20/12 GOP Conspiracy vs. Obama. Protagonist is change. Antagonist is Koch Rove Oil Cartel. Result up to us.

Lady McMitt says we won't reveal our taxes as Mitt MittDeath touts global warming by advocating Koch policies. Media sleep.

Ryan has not disavowed Ayn Rand. Every position he has favors the rich and the rest can go to hell. 

Why has no one broadcast save one lonely MSNBC correspondent that Ryan was skewered in his own recent Town Halls for Medicare betrayal?

Didn't realize that millionaire Ryan and heiress wife are most likely in the one percent.

Ryan and Romney both oppose any reduction in the multi-billion-dollar tax breaks enjoyed by the oil and gas industry.

The media are tiptoeing around voter suppression as they slept during the civil rights struggle.

Sleazy does not describe what the GOP is trying to do. Democracy is what's at stake. The destruction of democracy is evil.

We need to create enough buzz on Twitter to wake up even those who are on our side but act as though things are in the bag.

No one should be required to do anything to vote that is not required of all and no hardships should be imposed on anyone.

Republican GOP criminals are suppressing voting in Cincinnati. GOP voter suppression is rampant. Fight back.

We need to make sure that the truthful narrative of the Obama administration begins with the GOP conspiracy of 1/20/12.

Paul Ryan will have to answer for his part in the GOP conspiracy of 1/20/12 to block the President at every turn. He was there.

A must read RT : The GOP conspired 1/20/12 to ruin President Obama. We must stop them in their tracks.

The GOP conspired 1/20/12 to ruin President Obama. We must stop them in their tracks. 
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