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Obama reforms for seniors and middle class. Ryan dismantles for the rich.

John Sununu is a wonderful surrogate for Mitt. Inarticulate, Excitable, Vocally alienating. I am waiting to hear him sing.

Rachel performs a good service by tagging Ryan as anything but a fiscal conservative.

Paul Ryan rejecting Ayn Rand will chill the hearts of libertarians who may have considered the man honest.

Ryan says he and apparent new subordinate Mr. Mitt will discuss loopholes they will close after they are elected. Dream on, Koch sludge.

The new RNC ad will get people thinking. They will conclude that it was amazing that Obama got O-Care done, given the traitor Congress.

Mitt may be humiliated by his compromises and Ryan represents his death wish. A tacky replay of Macbeth.

Ryan helped add Five Trillion to the deficit with pro-Bush credit card votes.

RT : In voter ID Lawsuit, Pa admits they've NEVER prosecuted or investigated voter fraud. 

Romney-Ryan would cut 700 billion from Medicare at the expense of patients. O Care achieves this at the expense of insurance cos.

The capital gains tax, dividends tax, estate tax and corporate tax will be on the Romney chopping block. 

I love to see GOP surrogates veering into their idiot scripts. Only MSNBC will try at times to correct them.

Andrea Mitchell is being put in her place by Stef Cutter. Have to leave it there? Have to get out of this is more like it.

Bloomberg is full of it - egotistical, holier than thou. He is right on guns but utterly naive and unfair to Obama.

Ryan and Norquist are the sick and sorry center of the shriveled monster that used to be the GOP.

Romney thinks Ryan can help him pass legislation? Ryan has two bills to his credit in 13 years,
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