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GOP too divided to govern too right wing to risk. And other Recent Tweets 8/22/2012 9:10 AM ET

GOP too divided to govern too right wing to risk
GOP has affirmed Akin by voting to outlaw all abortion period.
Video: Biden grassroots event You don't grow the economy from millionaires down. 
"The Republican Party has moved so far to the right that the extreme is now the mainstream. " 
"Mr. Ryan isn’t a serious man — he just plays one on TV."
On gut issues Obama wins across the board. Romney is in the 30s. NBC polls.
The pious nonsense Romney speaks is in the voice of a cable TV huckster trying out for a morning show in Las Vegas.
Mitt will always have more money than the President. But truth has enough leverage to reduce Romney to penury.
Obama can and will run on his record. Great results considering the GOP 1/20/12 stonewall conspiracy. Monumental health reform to boot.
RT : Since the US doesn't use journalists anymore, we have to rename Schools of Journalism to Schools of Punditry and Hackery.
The people are evenly divided with few undecideds. People on the other side are just as convinced of their truth as we are.
In 2013, a family making $3 million will save under Obama $8,295, under the Romney Ryan plan $245,551. .
For families whose income is $50,000, 2013 tax saving under Obama would be 3.5x that or the Romney Ryan plan.
For families making $100k, 2013 tax savings under Obama are 3x those under Romney-Ryan. 
Under Obama tax savings for those with incomes of $250K are nearly twice what Romney proposes. 
Obama combines compassion with a toughness that in Romney comes off as reaction and spite. 
Today's Anti GOP Ammo - GOP wants to control women's health decisions.  YouTube 

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