The Best Centrist Argument for Mitt Romney and Why It Won't Work

Centrists could think that once elected Mitt Romney will 
achieve wonders because he is better than Obama 
at getting things done 
and because Democrats will play ball with him 
while Republicans trot out center-right bills 
that actually get passed
In other words Mitt will break the logjam and
government will start to move again
This is a very powerful argument
because it suggests the electoral wisdom of the American people
At bottom we want things to work and if they work
better with a Republican at the helm
well who cares
The problem with this is twofold
Romney is dug in too deep to get anything but grief from 
Democrats who are not gonna take it anymore
He is beholden to Koch Rove WSJ Wingnuts and so forth
So close are his instincts to truly harmful and risky things
that the folk who think as the first paragraphs of this piece think
are very wrong
We are looking at a W clone
a servant of Big Oil
someone who will warm the cockles of Cheney's heart
Mitt may present himself as a gridlock master
but he isn't
The current fight is not going to be won 
by giving the GOP power because Democrats are nice
The Democrats will not be nice
The Democrats will insist on the Obama agenda
of tax fairness
and fairness and opportunity for all
Obama is schooling the Democrats to grow backbone
the best case would be a massive humiliation
of Romney Ryan Rove Koch and so forth
and enough margin in Congress to suspend the 60 vote rule
and pass Obama programs in both houses
The next best case would be to reelect the President
and continue to hang tough 
with a schizoid and sick Congress
And the worst case 
would be a Romney win
risking a permanently Right Wing Supreme Court
laws that make the lives of women and girls hell
intentional global warming
and ten or fifteen other equally
horrendous results
Centrists may think Romney is their friend 
Bush sure wasn't and Romney would be even less. 
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